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Oversatte IT titler

Sakset et sted fra nettet

  1. Chairman of the Board -- Significance through Stock
  2. Chief Executive Officer -- Meeting Master or Chief Shmoozer
  3. Chief Financial Officer -- Using Technology to Fool the IRS
  4. Chief Technology Officer -- I Was Once a Techy, Believe Me!
  5. Technical Manager -- Deficient Code Writer
  6. Architect -- Self Declared Demi-god
  7. Senior Developer -- Waiting for the Architect to Leave or Die
  8. Software Engineer -- Coding the Damn Blue Sky Requirements Again
  9. Support Engineer -- Bending over, way over, to serve you
  10. Help Desk Technician -- On the Phone Watching Life Pass By
  11. PC Technician -- Fixing Windows so it actually works
  12. Marketing Rep -- Catered luncheon specialist
  13. Sales Rep -- Selling Air for the third straight year
  14. Janitor -- Former CEO of the acquired company